A finished collaboration between me and user Frostguardian on Furaffinity.

Art by me.

Story by Frostguardian (

Characters belong to Hasbro.

Picture One.

Rainbow dash was magically restrained by Twilight’s magic, the same magic that was controlling Pinkie Pie. The chubby Rainbow Dash, who was at the mercy of Twilight, sobbed at what was going to become of her as Twilight soothed her victim, making a delicious piece of cake float above, ready to be fed to Dash.

Picture Two.

Fattened by Twilight, chocolate covering her lips, restrained by Twilight’s magic, and afraid to what is happening to her body with every morsel that was stuffed into her mouth, the chocolate oozed dribbling down her face.   Tears rushed from Dash’s eyes as she’d never seen this side of her friend and what was becoming of her body.  Twilight just lightly kissed Rainbow Dash’s cheek as her new slave Pinkie Pie brought more sweets.

Picture Three.

Flab began to make it harder for Rainbow Dash to struggle, her limbs becoming more and more useless as she is fed more savory sweets by Twilight.  Her captor seemed to be enjoying the continued growth of her special pet.  She cuddled the growing Rainbow Dash, whispering in her ear, “Grow, Rainbow Dash, so you can’t fly, walk, or even move.”

Picture Four.

A blob of her former self, sobbing of what she has become all for the pleasure of her friend Twilight, and her legs more like stumps than anything else, Rainbow Dash sniffled, chocolate smeared on her face.  She was more a piglet than a pegusus.  Twilight admired her handy work, but Rainbow wasn’t done growing yet.  Twilight kissed her body as sensually as she could.

Picture Five.

Nothing more than a messy blob of herself, Rainbow Dash could only sob and eat, expanding her already massive size as her captor layed on her as if she was a pillow.  Kissing Rainbow’s cheek, Twilight said to her friend, “Happy birthday, Rainbow Dash.”

Picture Six.

Rainbow Dash seemed to be moved to what looked like a basement of some sort. Pinkie, still a slave to Twilight’s desires, stuffed Rainbow with more delicious treats.  While being fed to become bigger sizes, she couldn’t help but see her new roommate was none other than princess Cadence, only much bigger.  Awing, the girl’s size was something that was spectacular.  She was at least twice as large as Rainbow Dash.  

Twilight fed the giant sobbing princess some chocolate cake.  Cadence’s useless limbs struggled to stop the feeding. “Please stop, Twilight!  I’m already so- umph!” said Cadance as more food was stuffed into her mouth with a kiss from Twilight, for good measure.  

Rainbow wanted to scream, for she knew this was her fate, but an entire cake was fed to her by Pinkie as she kissed her blob good night.

Part 6 of 6
Scenes written by:
Art by: Me
Characters are property of Habro.

Part 6 of 6

Scenes written by:

Art by: Me

Characters are property of Habro.

It seemed to me that there was something else to it, with Dash looking all delirious and such. Not that I'm complaining, she looks great! Can't wait to see the last part~ <3

Thank you!  Should be done soon.


My half of my art trade with the awesome mississippi-biscuit!

I think the sketch turned out better.

This is his OC Cherry Cake.

Fruit: “Cousin Cherry!!”

Thanks a bunch!  It looks pretty dang good.

Curious, what is the story behind the series you're making?

The story is about Twilight fattening Rainbow Dash.  The story Frostguardian sent me, however, is not really formatted to go with the pictures themselves, and I’ve just been posting the images when I complete them.  When the last one is finished, I’ll compile them all into one post and maybe edit the story a little bit to go with it, unless he wants to do it himself.

Part 5 of 6
Scenes written by:
Art by: Me
Characters are property of Habro.

Part 5 of 6

Scenes written by:

Art by: Me

Characters are property of Habro.

You know, after 28,000 years, we’re still making these:

I guess the more things change, the more they really do stay the same.

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Lol.  I have two basket fulls of laundry jammed into one basket.  Listening to Coldplay while I work on that pony sequence collab.  

I’m glad to see someone else on here also likes showtunes!

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